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We specialise in Garrard 301. Our aim is to improve on the sound from the 301 and take it to another level not experienced before on idler wheel turntables We offer a full range of services, from a single part to a complete restoration.

The Classic 301 plus 20 Reference has found its way into some of the world’s most respected recording studios and is used as a reference deck to check the finished master pressings. Developed in conjunction with professional recording engineers this is now being made available to the domestic market. Shown in the SMD Acoustics Type II Reference Plinth with brass hardware and a SME312 for illustrative purposes only.

The Classic 301 Reference is a “new” Garrard 301 using many new upgraded components combined with a small quantity of refurbished Garrard parts.

On its release in 1965 the Garrard 401 promised a number of design changes that would improve on the performance of the Garrard 301 that had been around since 1954, unfortunately the quality control on the 401 was not up to scratch and what should have been a sonic step forward was not fully exploited….until now.

The Classic 301 is built on the looks of the Garrard 301 and takes onboard some of the strengths of the 401. 

The original 301 has a weak point where the bearing is bolted to the chassis, the 301 chassis is not rigid and if you grab the base of the
bearing housing you can actually flex it (move it) as it is not rigid. The chassis of the new 301 is significantly stiffer than the original 301 especially around the critical areas surrounding the bearing and is CNC machined from a solid slab of brass, (not a variable aluminum casting like the original)