Garrard 301


We can refurbish your cream 301 to this black version. Please contact us for more details




2 Responses to "Garrard 301"
  1. Few words: superb sonic results!
    The 301-in-solid chassis isn’t simply a Garrard on steroids: the rhythm and sonic coherence is preserved and further improved, adding a new level of resolution… OK, OK, also my own 13,5 kilos bronze platter and super smooth bearing help:-), nonetheless as I tried my combo with both stock chassis and Ray’s solid, I sure KNOW solid merits… I swear! Thanks a lot, Ray for yr. great dedication and knowledge!
    You sure love music:-)

    • Hi Thank you for your kind words just imagine what the solid brass sounds like . Its a double step up from what you have heard and you never knew it was there as there is nothing else to get that extra sound!
      Thanks again for your great words and your fab blogg
      Cheers Ray