Garrard 301 Spare Parts

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  1. Since several years I am a Garrardian using a hammertone 301 which has such a beautiful design to me. The concept is a very elaborated one but in details not quite up to our times.
    So my aim has been to better some weaknesses by having done some modifications like a401 bearing, a Kokomo-Kit, a graphite platter mat, a better idler wheel and a special plinth designed by myself. My further plan was to have a 401 motor unit installed.
    And at that point I came across Ray’s version of a Garrard 301.
    It arrived nicely packed and some days went by till I had the time to focus on that TT. I was spinning some LP’s on my old Garrard for comparison and then I installed this new design of a 301, adjusted my Nagaoka MP-500……. and then I listened via my Marantz 7T, Altec
    1594 b and Acapella Fortüne setup.
    I needed some minutes to realize what was going on. The first impression was a mature,
    powerful and very authentic sound. Instruments and voices had real bodies and were arranged on a deep stage in a staggered manner. Details and rhythm were exquisite without comical overshoots. Bass was exact and rich, timbre was clearly better than before.
    Maybe due to the heavier platter the presentation radiated calmness, emotion emerged directly out from the music like an inner sheen.
    And all that nearly lacking any surface noise.
    So I can assert that Ray did a wonderful job modifying and tuning that beloved Garrard301! The outcome is far beyond of what you can get when trying to improve such a turntable by yourself.
    Thank you so much,

  2. Few words: superb sonic results!
    The 301-in-solid chassis isn’t simply a Garrard on steroids: the rhythm and sonic coherence is preserved and further improved, adding a new level of resolution… OK, OK, also my own 13,5 kilos bronze platter and super smooth bearing help:-), nonetheless as I tried my combo with both stock chassis and Ray’s solid, I sure KNOW solid merits… I swear! Thanks a lot, Ray for yr. great dedication and knowledge!
    You sure love music:-)

    • Hi Thank you for your kind words just imagine what the solid brass sounds like . Its a double step up from what you have heard and you never knew it was there as there is nothing else to get that extra sound!
      Thanks again for your great words and your fab blogg
      Cheers Ray

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