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Garrard 301/401 Brass Platter 20 MM Oversize




The Classic Turntable Company brass platter is CNC machined from solid brass to very tight tolerances better than two thousandths of an inch. The finished platter is polished  with fine grade abrasive to give an even brush finish

Solid brass is virtually free of any defects and thus perfect for a turntable platter. For reasons of cost (solid brass is very, very expensive and creates a lot of waste during machining) the original platter was cast aluminium and the casting process inevitably suffered from porosity and flaws within the casting these coupled with casting tolerances that can not easily produce a consistent thickness means the platter was not in balance which required the drilling of holes in the platter to try and balance it.

The CTC platter is as perfectly balanced as can be achieved with modern state of the art machinery and selection of the best material. This avoids the excessive vibration caused by a badly balanced rotating platter. Such a platter can cause unacceptable levels of noise and detrimental effects on sound quality.

The extra diameter is 2omm over that of a standard platter and the upgraded platter has weighs in a massive 12Kgs! around 4 times the weight of an original. The difference is staggering, the extra mass greatly improves the platters inertia and results in added bass delivery, stability of imaging etc. basically it has so much energy in rotation that it takes a lot to stop it spinning. The theory has been well employed over several years and oversize platters have been used by the likes of Shindo for his 301.

We strongly recommend using the uprated spindle in brass or stainless steel due to the high mass of the platter. The standard thrust and aluminium housing are not strong enough to carry the extra weight

We can paint the platter in hammertone or black at no extra cost  for those that still want to keep the original look .

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Weight 12 kg

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