Classic 301 in Cream + 20



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The Classic HiFi 301 is built on the looks of the Garrard 301 and takes onboard some of the strengths of the 401. 

The original 301 has a weak point where the bearing is bolted to the chassis, the 301 chassis is not rigid and if you grab the base of the bearing housing you can actually flex it (move it) as it is not rigid. Chassis of the new 301 is significantly stiffer than the original 301 especially around the critical areas surrounding the bearing and is CNC machined from a solid slab of aluminium (not a variable casting like the original).

The hardware, linkages, fascia plates, platter mat etc are all built to replicate those classic looks but utilising up to the minute modern engineering techniques. The sound of the Classic 301 Standard builds on the strengths that give that Garrard its signature sound. The Classic HiFi (Garrard) 301 transcription turntable is arguably the ultimate analog musical device. The solidity, presence, body, speed, dynamics, sound staging, noise floor and low-level detail retrieval of the Classic 301 transcription turntable is equal to or above what the super tables of today can muster. The Classic 301 Standard is gloss black with chrome controls. Other colours can be provided by arrangement.

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