Garrard 301 / 401 New Moulded Idler wheel



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Garrard 301 401  NEW idler wheels 


We are delighted with our new idler after many years of development. 

The original idler wheels can be 66 years old so it’s no wonder they do not perform as they should. Many people have quoted the originals wheels cant be beaten and when one considers the engineering to make them spin perfect its easy to see why.

The idler wheel is the source of many troubles in a 301/ 401 poor grip and worn bushes cause unwanted background noise. Surprisingly  some owners are not aware of how bad their wheels are…. poor speed control and a slow turntable can be a sign of poor traction of the platter in other words, the wheel is slipping.
 We have spent an enormous amount of developing our new tool to make sure that the idler wheel does not wobble and runs perfectly  true.
Firstly the inserts have been designed with making as much “rubber’  between the motor pulley and the platter to reduce unwanted motor noise.  .
The inserts have been CNC produced and are made of stainless steel and are not rivet together like the originals instead they are one piece again to avoid any wobbling in play.
The bearing surfaces have been accurately made by being ground and polished to near mirror finish to reduce any mechanical noise.
Recent comments from sales
Hi Ray
As promised, some impressions on the replacement Idler. The quality of sound is improved in terms of dynamics and overall precision.
Also, once warmed up, the speed is quite stable, requiring hardly any adjustment of the eddy current brake.
All in all a good buy. May be ordering the 401 faceplate at some point.



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