Garrard 301 / 401 Reconditioned Idler wheel



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Garrard 301 401 original idler wheels

We had approximately 100 original wheels that the original rubber had perished or no longer had the grip needed to drive the turntable correctly . The original idler wheels can be 66 years old so it’s no wonder they do not perform as they should. Many people have quoted the originals wheels cant be beaten and when one considers the engineering to make them spin perfect its easy to see why.
The idler wheel is the source of many troubles in a 301/ 401 poor grip and worn bushes cause unwanted background noise. Surprisingly  some owners are not aware of how bad their wheels are…. poor speed control and a slow turntable can be a sign of poor traction of the platter in other words, the wheel is slipping 
These original wheels have had their old rubber removed and the centres have been stripped of the original cadmium plating and have been re plated in gold zinc
The original spindles are hardened and ground so virtually no wear will have taken place  over the years, if anything they are more polished than when they were new.
The centres are then moulded with a compound we found to be quiet and gave good  traction 
The wheel is then fitted into a jig and ground at the edge to remove any flash and make the edge perfectly square.
Im sure owners will see the benefit of the new wheel straight away . They run true and dont wobble. 

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