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Garrard 301 50HZ Pulley – Red (Smallest)




Remanufactured pulleys in different sizes.  Garrard had several different sized pulleys throughout the production run. We can only assume this was to match different batches of motors.
The only way other than using a separate power supply to alter the speed is to change the size of the pulley.
Most 301’s we come across run with the magnet on MAX  – This causes the motor to tow considerably and vibrate which contributes to low-frequency noise in the loudspeaker. Ideally, the fine speed needs to be in the center or to MAX +
If your machine is running fast then check the size of your pulley and buy the pulley smaller in size
Red speed is the smallest
Red  33 – 6.3mm  45 – 8.57mm 78-  14.9 mm
This sale is for the red pulley above size. This is the smallest pulley so if your deck is running fast this one will slow it down better to check the sizes before ordering.

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