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Garrard 301 refurbished spindle assemblies . Outright Sale




Garrard  301 Refurbished spindle assemblies.

The original spindle castings have a fault where the bushes

are out of line with each  other and the net result is the bushes wear easily.

Most 301 & 401 spindles have 0.06 mm play which is quite easily seen when the spindle is move side to side.

We are offering these as an outright sale or we will take your unit in part exchange assuming  that it is in serviceable condition

Units sent in that are serviceable, we will refund £150

Our refurbished spindles have been ;

  • Ultrasonic cleaned
  • The internal bores have been reamed out to 16mm
  • Fitted- New specially made bushes by Bowman UK
  • Bodies powder coated.
  • New spindles fitted.
  • Re-plated base with new screws.
  • .Oiled and new filler cap.
  • New top oil-felt.
  • Tested and pre run in – Ready ti fit

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