Garrard 301 / 401 Refurbishment Service



We can bring back to new irrespective of the condition and we can paint any chassis any colour. Also included in the price is a new box and free delivery UK.


We can bring back to new a 301 no matter what its condition. We can repaint your 301 in any colour included in the price . So if you have a cream Garrard 301 and you would like it in hammertone this can be done, No extra cost.

Here is Serial 1200 a typical example. Price includes.

  • All paintwork removed  repainted in acid etched primer for long lasting adhesion. Two coats of top coat hammertone the top coats of deep lacquer. We prefer this for a long lasting  finish.
  • All linkage removed – dangerous cadmium plating acid removed. Then  re-plated in gold zinc
  • New nuts bolts and washers.
  • Motor full strip and new oil felts fitted . new bearings if required
  • new springs throughout
  • New suppressor
  • Spindle strip with new bushes.
  • New face plates if requested.
  • Re-conditioned idler wheel and new idler bushes
  • Polished eddy brake.
  • New mat

All above included in the price.

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