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Garrard 401 Stainless Steel thrust base




We have experimented with several designs and found that this gives a much improved sound quality.

The Garrard spindle rotates  fully over the  inset bar so that there is no damage to the spindle. The hardness of the bar has been carefully matched so that no damage whatsoever unlike ceramic balls we have tested do damage the spindles hardened surface

The other significant benefit is the spindle rotates very freely without any drag which can cause the motor to labour and vibrate.

Your 401 will run far more freely and the wow and flutter will be greatly reduced.

The difference between the standard Garrard is quite remarkable and I am so proud of this unit I offer a full refund if you cannot hear a improvement.

Having serviced these units for many years I found that oils leaks no matter how well the base is sealed so I have designed a ”O” ring in the base that stops leaks totally. I include a spare ”O” ring in the sale as well as longer bolts for the base.

This is the best upgrade £ for £ you will ever make.

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