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Garrard 401 Uprated Brass Spindle




We have spent a significant amount of developing our brass spindle which has many unique features.

To cut down the noise floor of the spindle we have made the bottom thrust float with  two “O” rings.

With this new development the thrust base  is isolated from the body of the spindle and we have added another useful feature by enabling the owner  to move the spindle up or down +/- 3mm so the whole platter can be lifted with a brass knob at the base which also has a rubber pad again isolating  the unit . This feature also  will allow the owner to set the VTA whilst the turntable is playing so the listener can hear what is the best position.

Maintenance wise  we have made 2 internal oil galleries so that the oil is fed to the back of the bush keeping them lubricated from behind rather than having the unit filled with oil . Also we have made the oiling easier to do by making a sliding filling cap , so there is no need for special tools.

The bushes have been specially made for us by Bowman UK and these are inserted with a special mandrel to make sure the bushes are perfectly aligned.  The bushes are made to have an interference fit and the play we have managed to get to 1/3 of the original Garrard units.

We are so sure that you will be delighted with the spindle we are offering a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied.

We are also offering a £150 refund if you send in your spindle assuming that it is serviceable.



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