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Our servicing has now moved to our other site dedicated to servicing Garrard 301 and 401.

Only when a 301 has been serviced properly will it sound as good as it was designed to be

We strip and examine all parts and replace where necessary.

There are many critical areas that effect the sound  and all these areas need  correct rectification before the 301 gives its best

In general after 50 years work a 301 will need a lot of work to bring it back to as new condition.

Spindle  bushes – these do wear with lack of correct maintenance

British standards clearance for spindle and bush is 0.02mm and most samples we see have 3- 4 times the required clearance. This wear causes loss of low frequency sound.

We fit as std new bushes to all our spindles assemblies. We offer exchange spindle asseblies for both oil and grease bearings.

Motors are stripped and the casings shotblasted and then powder coated in satin black .  Again if bushes are worn new ones are fitted

Motor cages are also shotblasted and powder coated in hammertone silver

Chassis original ones if they have chipped and discoloured we repaint with the exact original colour in 2 pack paint which is harder wearing and has  deep gloss. Hammertones are done in almost identical colour as the original -Silver grey

We offer exchange chassis – send your old one and we will either paint yours or send you one from our stock.

Below is detailed what is included in the service

Work carried Out Service without painting Full Service – Everything
Strip and remove all parts                 x                       x
Clean polish Chassis                 x  
Shot Blast Chassis                         x
Powder Coat Chassis                         x
Acid remove Cadmium off linkage and replate with zinc pasivated gold                x                      x
Replace rubber grommets                x                      x
Strip Spindle Check wear and replace bushes is needed                x                      x
Ultrasonic clean spindle re oil and rebuild                x                     x
Strip motor – Re place oil felts and re oil & assemble                x                     x
Replace Suppressor                x                     x
Replace any broken / cracked plastic components                x                     x
Check idler wheel bushes and replace if needed                x                     x
Re condition idler wheel or replace if badly worn                x                    x
Use new / replated screws for assemly                x                     x
Fit new motor springs                x                    x
Replace motor spring dampers                x                    x
Polish eddy brake disc                x                    x
Fit new Idler wheel springs                x                    x
Refit newly plated linkage / grease/ reset                x                    x
Replace motor clamp if missing                x                    x
Adjust motor pulley size to get speed central on speed control                x                    x
Fit a new mains cable with soldered ends and insulate sleeves                x                    x
Re cut platter strobe                x                    x
New   Turntable Mat                x                    x
Return in a purposemade double skinned Garrard box                 x                    x
              £500                £750
Postage is extra    

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