Solid Chassis 301

Solid Chassis – Classic 301

Classic Turntable Company Director , Ray Clark had always been bothered by the many flaws in the chassis of the Standard Garrard 301. Ray knew that the lack of rigidity in the standard set up had a drastic effect on its ability.

The solid chassis created by Ray and the team weighs twice as much as a standard chassis, as its underside has no cavities that create acoustic noise and exaggerate motor noise and rumble.

When held in the hand and hit like a gong, the standard 301 clunks with a dead sound.

The new solid chassis has been designed to allow the sound waves to flow through it and disperse in the plinth. This eliminates motor noise. The new chassis has a rich tone when struck, and the sound continues for many seconds.

The Solid chassis has all the great attributes of the 301 but Ray and his team have taken it to a new, ground-breaking level!


 So what does it sound like?

The Solid chassis has all the great attributes of the 301 that we love but then takes it to a new level. So as you would expect the bass is superb, solid fast but no bloom or overhand but what really strikes you on first experiencing  the solid chassis compared to the standard 301 is the incredible ambience and depth of the soundstage, all of a sudden it is though a veil has been lifted from in front of the sound stage and an almost holographic imagery exists. There is an amazing amount of space around performers and the deck never gets flustered what ever you throw at it, no matter how complex the music the solid chassis retains a grip and control.

The new chassis is available in Hammertone, Cream or Deep Gloss Black.

A 401 can also be converted into the  301 using our the solid chassis. We have remanufactured all the levers and controls
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